Obrazek nagłówka




Today I invite you to yet another piece of my small collection DIY by Jan Leśniak for Juki. This time an oversize tube dress with a yoke – It appeared on the blog last summer as a „simple summer dress for going out„. At that time I made it using only four seams, no pattern and practically with no finishings. Few months later I made a more advanced version of it as an „Autumn dress with a tube-scarf„. Today I want to show another modification to this simple form – I add a yoke, in the instruction you will also learn how to make proper cuffs. In my book, which I just finished writing, I make another version of this dress – with a hood and pockets hidden in the side seams. This is part of my plan – I wanted to show how you can change one form with just small modifications – basics of design. I am going to make also a post about one form sewn from different materials, to change the style of the piece, but that’s in the future.

Laura (on the photo above) is great model, but I just have one photo, so my favourite muse Justyna (on the photo below) is showing you how to wear this piece. So lets get started. You will find the whole sewing tutorial under this link: PATTERN MAKING AND SEWING INSTRUCTION OF A TUBE DRESS WITH A YOKEI recommend downloading the pdf file, as you will find much better quality photos inside, than the ones on the Juki page.




And for those of you, who come here for the first time some explanation:

DIY by Jan Leśniak for Juki is small collection of 10 garments, with sewing tutorials for each piece. I designed it for Juki company, you can read more about it here. By clicking on photos below you will open photo galery where you can see all images in bigger scale. Hope you will like it, and you will sew some of those :)