Obrazek nagłówka




Today I present another piece from collection DIY by Jan Leśniak for Juki. Photos of Laura are wonderful, but the details are getting lost, so I post also photo on the table, straight out of working-room. For those of you, who come here for the first time some explanation: a few months ago, I have designed collection of 10 clothes for Juki company. I prepared sewing instruction for each piece, and all the tutorials are available on Juki web site Juki.pl. You can even download pdf version (though lately something is not working there properly).

Who likes to read, here is a short story about „how did it happend”, and full sewing instruction can be found under this link: DIY TUTORIAL FOR SIMPLE TOP WITH A POCKET.





The rest of the collection can be found in photo galery, after clicking the picture below. So good luck with the sewing machines. I, myself just finished sewing clothes for my latest project, now I am partying with photoshop, and soon this project will see a daylight :) Take care!