Obrazek nagłówka

FINALLY!! I present to you effects of my cooperation with Ikuko from Juki Central Europe company. Before I will explain what is it all about, I just have to make short introduction. Lately there are only tutorials on my blog, and I miss writing about my “adventures” in Warsaw – well, in english version of this site you will not find the oldest posts – from times, when this was a regular blog. Back then, I made very long articles about events from designers life – it was called “Designer’s Journal, or records for persevering ones”. So today you will taste a sample of it ;) this is my first entry in english, written by myself, so I hope it will be understandable.




Some of you might noticed, that the end of last year, there was not so much going on on my blog, and at every possible ocasion I told you how bussy I am, and that together with Juki we are working on something extra! Actually I was working on this very series, so now I am proud to tell you that it is ready to be published.

Everything startet at Outlet Tkanin in Warsaw – a fabric store run by two energetic girls – Ulka and Gosia. We had same clients, who told me stories about girls from Outlet, and girls from Outlet heard stories about me, so though we never met, we were practically “buddies”. When Girls found a bigger space for their shop, they asked me to prepare some short sewing activities for the big opening. It was supposed to be a good way to spread the word about my sewing Classes. I do not tend to work for free, but this time my intuition told me DO IT!
My short course went so nice, that in few weeks we made another one. This time Juki payed for my work. Sending the bill, I mentioned faintly about my blog and tutorials (it was the very beggining, so there was not much stuff on the blog), in few days I got an answer in unversed polish:

” – We are just now loooking for people, who could make sewing tutorials for us. We have some ideas, would you like to meet?”

This is how I met Ikuko Leska – Japanese living in Poland. She is the type of person who just makes things happen :) Our brain storming started with simple tutrial, evolved into series of tutrials, and finalised as idea for small collection of clothes, with sewing instruction for each piece. I WAAAS EXCITED! Such a challange: Ikuko clearly explained what style is she interested in, I was limited with space and information which I could bring into every tutorial – they supposed to be as short as possible, yet there should be 3 levels of difficulty, different sewing machine in each instruction, 10 pieces of clothing as coherent collection, in each garment I supposed to show some trick, or some unique features of sewing machine, and of course there should be spirit of Jan Leśniak „somewhere between the lines”. Wow that was a real brain teaser.
After a lot of sketches, samples, chewed pencils, few meetings with Ikuko, collection was crystallised. (On photo above you can see all the materials which I have used)

From September to November I was working day and night (I had my regular sewing classes, and other activities) sewing, making photos, editing them and writing instructions. In December I handed on to Juki the whole series, and we could start preparing photo shoot – you can see effects on second picture below. Juki will bring my collection to every trade show and event to promote machines, tutorials and my blog :)

The series of DIY by Jan Leśniak for JUKI is a collection of 10 garment pieces, for each of them I prepared sewing instructions. Tutorials will be available only on JUKI.PL web site. Now there are few of them already available in English, so enjoy! I will inform about new releases on my blog and Facebook fan page. And here’s what you will find in the series:

  1. gathered mini skirts for mom and daughter, with tube scarfs,
  2. spring, denim parka with hood and lining,
  3. oversize tunic with loose pocket and lining,
  4. half circle maxi skirt,
  5. simple oversized top,
  6. butterfly dress,
  7. sweatshirt with hood made of thinn poplin,
  8. denim back pack with leather elements,
  9. tube dress with a yoke,
  10. simple envelope coat,
  11. and for dessert: leggings, which are already on my blog (LINK) – this was a last minute tutorial added before photoshoot.





The photo shoot was just simple pleasure – although I will not hide that I was a little nervous about how others will react to my collection – it is extremely simple in the end. Thank god Ikuko was thrilled, even excited – I tell you, satisfied client is the best reward for a designer! After few first photos I breathed a sigh of relief, when I saw this big fat smile on her face. Ikuko was responsible for organisation of photo shoot, all I had to do was to show up with Ironed clothes, help at styling each silhouette, and of course taking care of how fabric works on model, so that clothes look good on each photo. Robert was taking photos, the model was Laura, who is an actress, and she got every set of collection looking good on her, Wiktoria made Laura’s make up and hair – it was a great set of people, easy going, yet fast and efficient. I have already once worked with such a professional team, when with Czacza, Ewa and Becia we made Campaign photos for my archaic collection (LINK). I love when different people can cooperate so smoothly. Ok so that’s it, end of writing, now you can watch effects. See you later with new tutorials from the series.

  • photo and editing: Robert Baka
  • hair and make up: Vila Maj
  • model: Laura Breszka
  • producer and stylist: Ikuko Leska
  • designer: Jan Leśniak