Obrazek nagłówka




This is another version of “the easiest skirt in the world” – this time for grown ups – this is something everybody should be able to make themselves. I’ve made it of thin woven poplin – fabric typical for light shirts. This is crucial to use fabric, which is light yet stiff at the same time. It should work a little similar to thin paper. Only made of such kind of fabric, this skirt will keep A line shape, and gathering in waist will not be too thick.

The shawl is actually a long and narrow version of “a tube scarf“, wrapped around the neck. You can modify its sizes as you wish. Since it is loose, you can use even woven fabric, it doesn’t have to stretch much. I made my of fleece combined with the same fabric as I have used for the skirt.. 

So I present to you second tutorial of The Series: DIY by Jan Leśniak for JUKI. This is another piece of DIY collection, created by me exclusively for JUKI. In this case “exclusively” means that all tutorials will be available only on Juki’s website, but for free and for everyone of course. You can download the tutorial under this link: DIY SEWING INSTRUCTION FOR GATHERED MINI SKIRT AND A SPRING SHAWL. I will inform you about all new available tutorials on this blog and on my facebook fanpage

Have an easy sewing!!