Obrazek nagłówka




Today, the second of three simple  skirts – making this one shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes for a skilful person! For beginner it may take more time, but it is still one of the simpliest things to sew, if you are beggining your sewing adventure. Let’s do it!





  • 1,5 m knitted fabric, 1,5 m wide  I’m using polyester/elastane blend with an interesting texture – for a circle skirt any fabric is fine (as long as it’s knitted fabric :) and if it doesn’t fray allowing you to keep raw edges – even better!
  • Scissors, measuring tape, threads, fabric pencil, pins, draw pin,
  • 1m of rubber tape 4 cm wide.




Measure your waist (a circle skirt looks best when the belt is actually placed at the waist as it emphasises the waist and thus is very becoming), decide the length of the skirt. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and then widthwise. At the corner of the folded fabric pin a measuring tape with the draw pin. Draw two arches; calculate the radius of the first of them the following way: divide the waist circumference by 6,28 (that’s π value multiplied by 2). The radius of the other arch is equal to the length of the skirt + radius of the first arch.




Before you cut out along the arches add 1 cm seam allowance at the top of the skirt, if you going to fold the hem at the bottom add also fabric there (I suggest the additional fabric for folding the hem shouldn’t be more than 0,5 cm to avoid creasing).  The best thing to do: you can also use knitted fabric so that you can leave the bottom-line unfinished and give the skirt the feeling of lightness.

When you unfold the fabric you’ll get a circle of the circumference equal to you waist line and its radius equal to the skirt’s length.




Let’s make the belt now. Cut out the belt that is 11 cm wide and of the length of the waist circumference + 2cm seam allowance. Short explanation: the rubber tape is 4 cm wide, some extra length is needed to prevent it from folding so the overall width of the belt will be 4,5 cm + 1 cm seam allowance = 5,5 cm. I’m making the belt out of two layers to make a tunnel for the rubber tape (5,5 x 2 = 11cm). The knitted fabric should stretch along the belt so you can slide it up the hips. Sew up the shorter edges of the belt leaving some section unsewn (through this break you’ll pull the rubber tape to the tunnel), this section should be left below the middle-line of the belt’s width.




Fold the belt along and iron it.




Pin up the belt inside so that the right side of the belt (the one without the hole for pulling in the rubber tape) touches the right side of the skirt. Once you sewn these part up, and ironed the belt upwards, the unsewn hole is on the inside of the skirt. While sewing the belt up, stretch the fabric a bit to make sewing up easier.




Finish the edge of the seam with overlock and iron upwards.




Pull the rubber tape inside the tunnel through the unsewn opening. That’s it! Easy, isn’t it?




This tutorial has been prepared for you by Janek