Obrazek nagłówka



AAAAAAHAHAHahahahah!! khe, khe, ekhm, well yes. Joy, excitement and incredible anxiety at the same time, those are the feelings that don’t leave me since few days. After 4 months of hard and intense work my little, precious marvel is going to be published. It will be available only in polish, and sold only in Poland, but I write english version of this post anyway, because I simply want to brag a little ;) I have poured a piece of my heart into this book. Of course most importantly I put my knowledge in it – a fruit of almost 3 years long observations as pattern and sewing tutor and as DIY blogger. But when you create something and you really enjoy the process, then heart and joy are included in it anyway. I hope my readers will sense it.

I am very proud of this book, it is a complete course for simple pattern making and sewing. I prepared 14 tasks, which will help a beginner to develope her/his skills to a level which allows to sew quite complicated jacket. I prefer learning by experience, that’s why this book is teaching step by step. You’ll get only a few necessary informations on the beggining, and then with each task you’ll get to learn a new skill or a trick, and you will use all of them when sewing the final jacket. You will also learn how to take a measure, how to make prints and applications and how to dye your clothes.

All designs prepared for this book are a collection of tops, for photoshoot I choose some skirts and dresses from this blog to make up the styling. And soon I will post new tutorials about shorts and pants (those blue and floral ones), and on blog everything is in english of course ;)
By clicking on below pictures you will open a gallery, where you can see all the photos in zoom. I hope you will like it.