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Pracownia Jan Leśniak ( Jan Leśniak Studio ) – under this name I assembled all my activities: fashion design, sewing courses and most importantly DIY blog, filled with sewing tutorials. I would like to encourage you to experiment and play with all the possibilities a sewing machine, fabrics and paints can offer, as well as with anything else that may come in handy while designing and making your own clothes and accessories. I love to sew, because when you actually make things with your own hands the process can be extremely enjoyable and exciting. I am here to share my knowledge and experience with you and inspire you to create things yourself and prove that the devil’s not so black as he is painted.

This blog is for everybody who enjoys designing, sewing and handicraft, so it does not matter if you are advanced or you’ve just begun – join me! I am professional as designer, but I take sewing easy and you should do too – after all, we are all doing it for fun. Besides, as James Salter said ‘There is no real beauty without some slight imperfection’ – so pay no attention to wavy seams! I will present you the rules, but I will breach them too, since the key factor is to be creative and enjoy it. In a nutshell: HAVE FUN! And here is what you can choose from TUTORIALS section:

  • 1ST TIME SEWING – the simplest tutorials from the blog, for beginners.
  • LEVEL UP –  more complicated tutorials, for those who want to develop their skills or have already some experience in sewing.
  • FOR HER  – womenswear making instructions.
  • FOR HIM – menswear making instructions.
  • FOR KIDS – kidswear making instructions..
  • ACCESSORIES – bags, backpacks, hats, scarves, vanity cases and whatever you can only think of.
  • SPECIAL EFFECTS – embellishments of various kinds: dyeing, prints, embroideries, appliques, and so on.
  • PATTERNS – how to make basic garment patterns.




I am a fashion designer. For two years now I have been spreading passion for making clothes among my students, giving sewing classes in Warsaw. This blog is a natural continuation of these classes, so is the fashion design workshop – all these are done to encourage people to turn to handmade fashion and experiment with their look. I want to teach the Poles how to sew, so that there will be more clothes made by genuine artists and fashion lovers on the streets.  I greatly appreciate the craftsmanship of the fashion as it gives me the opportunity to bring my concepts to life, while working with people makes me happy.

During my 15-year professional experience I worked for such big Polish brands as Reserved, House and Big Star but also making simultaneously my own collections and working as a teacher in Kraków Fashion College giving lectures on business-oriented approach to fashion. I gave up the big brands to make my dreams come true and work individually to make my name.