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DIY: A Hooded scarf

29 November 2016, 8:00

  This time, as I promised, I made a very simple instruction, which should be no challenge, even for a sewing first-timer. Yes, this is me on the photo above. Ekhm,, I can’t say that I am thrilled to be my own model. Here’s some explanation on why you see me, instead of Justyna or […]

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DIY: A Maxi skirt on the basis of a semicircle

27 July 2016, 8:00

    Today it will be very short, as I am still working hard on my secret project :) I invite you to a new tutorial from series DIY by Jan Lesniak for Juki – for those of you who don’t know what is it all about, a few words of explanation: Some time ago […]

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DIY: A cardigan that can be worn in 9 different ways

26 April 2016, 8:00

  This time let’s make something super easy and super effective – because that’s what we all like the most, right?  A wrap cardigan, which you can wear in dozens of variations. I’m sure you’ve seen it before on the internet or somewhere else – a beautiful lady wrapping around herself a piece of garment, […]

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DIY: A Mini skirt, gathered in waist and a spring shawl

22 April 2016, 8:00

    This is another version of “the easiest skirt in the world” – this time for grown ups – this is something everybody should be able to make themselves. I’ve made it of thin woven poplin – fabric typical for light shirts. This is crucial to use fabric, which is light yet stiff at […]

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DIY: Leggings

11 December 2015, 10:00

    This time I’m going to show you a quick way of sewing leggings. For last months I’ve been working on tutorial series for Juki. The commission is slowly drawing to a close and soon I’ll be fully dedicated to this blog. But firstly we’re going to do a photoshoot of our work’s results […]

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DIY: A Hat, a tube scarf and mittens

16 October 2015, 10:00

    Are you freezing too? Well the summer is already over. Now we’ve got  the “Polish golden autumn” here. Actually I’m really happy about it but why it’s got to be so cold?! These days I’m drowning  in the amount of changes and what goes along with it – in the amount of work […]

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DIY Summer dresses: going out

21 August 2015, 10:00

    Magenta at its best. This time I am going to show you how to make another summer dress. This one is particularly easy to make, moreover, it can be worn in three different ways. Due to its versatile character I dubbed it „a frock for going out”.     Prepare the following: (you […]

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DIY Summer dresses: dyed on ice

19 August 2015, 10:00

    The summer holiday is about to end inevitably! Ugh! On the other hand, once this post gets published I will have just ended my month long holiday – so there’s still a chance I will be dying to prepare some new tutorials – while, honestly speaking, I’ve got loads of new ideas in […]

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DIY Summer dresses: a beach dress

7 August 2015, 10:00

    First we had 5 blouses, then 3 skirts and now it’s time for dresses! We’ll have 4 dresses, not at once obviously. You’ll start with a Marilyn Monroe beach dress version! Next week, I will show you how to make a panther print party dress, then magenta city dress. In the end of […]

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DIY: Full circle midi skirt

2 August 2015, 10:00

    Today, the second of three simple  skirts – making this one shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes for a skilful person! For beginner it may take more time, but it is still one of the simpliest things to sew, if you are beggining your sewing adventure. Let’s do it!     Prepare: 1,5 m knitted fabric, […]

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