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DIY: A Hooded scarf

29 November 2016, 8:00

  This time, as I promised, I made a very simple instruction, which should be no challenge, even for a sewing first-timer. Yes, this is me on the photo above. Ekhm,, I can’t say that I am thrilled to be my own model. Here’s some explanation on why you see me, instead of Justyna or […]

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DIY: A Bundle bag made form a square

19 February 2016, 9:00

    One of my course participants, Marta, was really into sewing bags. She was always coming to the classes with a new piece of work. This bag has amazed me with its design and a super-easy construction. I’ve been given a permission to describe it in the tutorial. Marta, who was introduced to this […]

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DIY: A Hat, a tube scarf and mittens

16 October 2015, 10:00

    Are you freezing too? Well the summer is already over. Now we’ve got  the “Polish golden autumn” here. Actually I’m really happy about it but why it’s got to be so cold?! These days I’m drowning  in the amount of changes and what goes along with it – in the amount of work […]

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DIY: Sailing bag!

4 June 2015, 11:00

    I started male sewing classes with a sailing bag, and while the boys didn’t really like the striped canvas I bought specially for making the sailing bags (they preferred the raw cotton cloth instead – can you believe it?) I was left with a small bale of this fabric. Fortunately the raw cloth […]

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