Obrazek nagłówka




So here we go with The Series: DIY by Jan Leśniak for JUKI. This is the very first piece of DIY collection created by me exclusively for JUKI. In this case “exclusively” means that all tutorials will be available only on Juki’s website, but for free and for everyone of course. You can download the tutorial under this link: DIY PATTERN AND SEWING INSTRUCTION FOR DENIM PARKA. I will inform you about all new available tutorials on this blog and on my facebook fanpage. Today it will be short and specific post – this is the most complicated thing I have served you, since I started this blog, yet I believe you can do it! Light spring parka jacket, you can wear it 3 ways:

1. As a loose, oversized jacket – as on the first photo above.

2. After pulling the strings at the bottom, it becomes more baggy – if someone likes it more this way.




3. And my favourite way is with back gathered by inside tape. In this option, parka is more fitted, and the back gets this gathered A line shape.




Don’t be discouraged by the fact, that it is outerwear – which people tend to connect with high difficulty of sewing. The tutorial is hopefully clear. I recommend downloading the pdf file, since you will be able to zoom pictures (someone already let me know that the “get pdf” button doesn’t work, Juki’s IT is working on it – well it is the way, the new web sites are, always a lot of suprises ;). Pattern making for this jacket is really simple, and sewing although it lasts longer than sewing a simple top, provides no complicated points at all. Check it out. And if you sew one, pls e-mail me pictures on kontakt@pracowniajanlesniak.pl . I am very curious, what kind of material,someone else would use. Last Thursday I had a visitor in my Design studio – Anna, daughter of one of my students, came to show off her parka. I must say I was very proud of her, she got her self a lovely jacket – I am waiting for the photos, and I will share them.

So, happy sewing, and a lot of straight seams! I am going back to photos – for this friday I am preparing something for little girls, it will be Awesome ( in my, as always humble, opinion ;P )!